Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Well, this far running Linux as my main OS at both home and at work has been really fun!

I've been able to get all multimedia stuff running (listening to music, watching movies - also with TV-out - etc.), except Shockwave, which isn't implemented for linux yet (no big deal).

I've recompiled my kernel to get a few custom USB modules working (didn't have to, but it was an exciting experience).

I've tried out most X-windowmakers, and settled for icewm.
A minimum of blot, but still useful enough.
Plus, if I find a feature I can't live with or without, I can recompile it rather quickly (did it once to get the mail notification to work with my webmail-only account).

The only things I need Windows for right now, are:
- a few games (I haven't taken the trouble to get Wine set up). I guess NWN:Hordes of the Underdark will keep me on Windows at home for a few weeks. Haven't gotten the mouse to run smoothly on NWN for Linux.
- Lauterbach ICE debugging (no drivers for Linux).
- Programming Windows apps, naturally :-)

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