Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I rarely get upset about software (or anything else, for that sake).
Sure, software can be stupid and user unfriendly - programmers are people too, and people make mistakes.
Today, however...

I updated the drivers for my optical MS mouse, since I have been running on the generic wheel mouse drivers sice my last reinstall of win2k.
Installed fine and everything, but when I fire up Mozilla Firebird, my browser of choice, it turns out MS has changed the default behaviour the wheel button to switch application.

And there's (obvious) no way to reset the wheel button click perform 'wheel button click'!

The only way I can see this, is that MS doesn't want me to use tabbed browsing in their OS (which is just plain evil!).

So I won't.
I have Linux both home and at work, and the only reason for me to be running Windows is
1) developing MS-only software and
2) playing Halo.

So that's what I'll use it for.
For the rest of my computing needs, Linux is fine by me.

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